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My life in 2011

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This was one of the best years of my life. I did many things, travelled many places, met awesome people, spent whole days and nights planning, dreaming, star-gazing, laughing and loving. Looking back at photos from the year, I’m amazed at how many different things I got to experience. I feel extremely lucky and loved.

Snowblower makes people dance at -30C in Olympic Plaza

February 2011: Visited East Village for the first time

I met Oscar Lopez, the musician.

Dom Perignon party at 100 Wines with many Artists/Celebrities I didn’t know.

Tessa does her Trek for Tourette to help raise funds for research and support.

I go snow shoeing to Roger’s Pass in BC and get to live in a cabin with no electricity or running water for a couple of days

REAL social interaction. No phones. No music. No TV = bliss.

I meet interesting people!

I have my first gallery show for PARK’s Fashion Mixer. Vicky, Myself and Iryna got together to create the photo in the background.

Emily from Boyhood Uniformity interviews and films me for her blog

We go to Kelowna and the Okanagan to enjoy more summer

I find interesting places in Kelowna

Ultra-conservative places

Road of blue conservative signs

We visit an old cabin and school

And Kelowna’s own Zen Garden

We have breakfast in a funky place where they provide toys

We drive by 3 Valley Gap unique landscape

I document Ian Harding’s shoot with Sophia Models

Vicky burns her first BBQ burger of the summer

Cousins at ACAD looking at exhibits

Kirk and I travel to Vulcan, AB for Spock Days

Cousins have a birthday

Photo walk through East Village with Ian and David

July’s full moon

Toaster pets his dog at the first Protospace BBQ in Edworthy Park

The two Bens have a complex discussion about stuff

Kirk gets a hat at the Fringe Festival

Things get weid at the Fringe Festival

August 2011. We go camping at Kananaskis Upper Lake, The point.

I do a few long exposures for the meteor shower but don’t catch any meteors

We make a LOT of s’mores.

Kirk becomes a lumberjack

People get ingenious with improvising furniture

We walk back to civilization and spot a little Inukshuk

We travel to Vancouver, BC. Land of the crazies and the funkies.

Night life is vibrant

Wedding photographer gets photo bombed by guy in underwear.

Everything is green, warm and the parks smell of fresh cut grass and rain

We eat Japanese food

We see balancing rocks that seem impossible

We go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and get soaked

We drive back to Salmon Arm, lay down on fresh grass and star gaze looking for meteors.
I see the milky way with my bare eyes for the first time in my life

The town of Salmon Arm shines and reflects in the lake at night

I take long exposures and think of distant planets while I wait for my camera’s aperture to close

We go explore, jump on logs, water and feel the sun warming our skin

Kirk jumps from log to log with ease while I observe from a safe distance

Kirk takes me for a ride on the sea-doo for the first time. I feel safer on the dock taking photos.

We go camping to Jasper, AB. Last camping of the summer.

I get my photo taken with the Inukshuks

Protospace has a BBQ at Solarbotics. We make little robots with their laser cutter.

We etch androids on our android phones

There is no free cake

We go fishing with friends at Ghost Lake, AB.

They don’t catch a fish but we have a good time and enjoy the last days of summer

Toaster makes a mouse trap

Protospace gets a new home!

December 2011: We build a Tesseract for the Christmas Tree in East Village

We spend many nights and days working on it and manage to finish it in a week.

We go to Edmonton. Kirk finds cacti fascinating at the Muttart Conservatory

The Werklunds reunite for Christmas

I went through thousands of photos and selected the ones that I find most memorable. I didn’t include any photos from photo shoots because it would’ve made this post twice as long, but those were also a huge part of my life. I got to work with so many awesome people and got to shoot and do things that fulfilled me. I look back at the year and I feel very happy to have lived so many beautiful moments. I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring!

Road Trip to the Stars


Went on an impromtu little road trip to the mountains in October with Ian Harding and David Austin. I love those short, unscheduled moments of adventure when we all grab our cameras and drive to wherever with no real plans or ideas of what we might find. It was close to 11pm, completely dark and with a nice full moon as our strobe. As the night got colder I only managed to get these (because each took so damn long to expose) while Ian and David played with lights and torches.

I wasn’t expecting such bright, vivid and colourful results as I was only looking to get the star trails. I now love and cherish my Daylight-Night photos, as Ian kindly titled them.

[click to enlarge]

I was lucky and found the northern axis and the Polaris star (little bright dot in the center of the third photo.) Very exciting!

Exposure ~10 minutes with the light from a full moon.

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December 15th, 2010 at 3:01 am

Starry Skies

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At the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory – had a great time taking long exposures shots of the sky with Tim Nguyen.

The last photos from this set were originally inspired by this amazing photo from Alex Wise, though my exposures were shorter because there were lots of people walking around with torches, lights and cellphones and I was afraid of overexposing OR was afraid of someone tripping with my tripod and messing the whole photo. Still, I think it came out right. I’ll be more patient next time.



Image below: 30 sec. exposure at f4.5


Image below: 1 minute exposure at f4.5


Image below: 10 minute exposure at f4


Image below: 6 minute exposure at f4


Image below: 8 minute exposure at f4


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May 16th, 2010 at 10:58 pm

Urban Meddle

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Casual photoshoot at The District & Amsterdam Rhino.

Models: Robin and Carlos











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February 1st, 2010 at 1:40 am