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The Secret Garden

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Model: Iryna Ugryn
MUA: Kada Issa –
Styling: Faby Martin & Iryna Ugryn
Jewelry: Victoria Sanchez –
Art Direction & Photography: Faby Martin

Calgary Maker Faire 2012



The Calgary Maker Faire took place at East Village’s River Walk on Sept 8, 2012. It showcased the work, craft and artistry of local crafters,
makers, hackers, tinkerers, artists, authors, roboticists, hobbyists, science clubs and DIY enthusiasts. The faire’s mission was to entertain,
inform, connect, and inspire thousands of current and future makers in Calgary.

Signs provided and made by Dana from Protospace with a laser cutter


Kill-bot from Swallow a Bicycle

Poetry making with @Shannoetry

A bike with skis!

3D printing of Fiber Arts

Brickware Lego Art


The Calgary Steampunk Assemblage

Heritage Weavers

Scoperta Demo

Solarbotics and the WCRS workshops

Burning Man

Telus Spark Science Centre


Robot demo area

Mark Hopkins from Swallow A Bicycle

Ben Reed, Event Manager

Jasmine Antonick from Beakerhead introducing Jay Ingram

Jay Ingram delivering a keynote on Beakerhead

3D Printer Village

Humble Wonder Theater

Jeff de Boer (left) and Steampunk Assemblage (right)

Michel Jackson’s portraits

Shawn Grover from Protospace

The Bass Bus

Kevin Loney

i-Robot’s performers

Drawing Machine by David Bynoe

Ferrofluid reacting to light

Beakerhead’s Art Car Parade

Heritage Weavers show how to process and treat natural fibers for yarn

Dorkbot demo on drawing with vinyls

Posh View’s virtual mirror that shows basic apps for a household

film love

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This is the first time I try shooting with a film camera since the early 1990’s. My first ever camera was a film camera and I loved it to bits but
sometimes I was disappointed for not getting the results I wanted and it was soon forgotten. Now I can remember the thrill of developing a roll and
having that tingly feeling of anticipation and surprise of seeing images you never got to review. That feeling alone made me want to try film again.

These were all taken with a Canon AE-1 using cheap fujifilm ASA 400.

Written by Faby

July 5th, 2012 at 10:41 pm

Gian-Carlo Carra

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A commissioned shoot of Alderman of Ward 9, Gian-Carlo Carra for Spacing Magazine‘s 2nd National issue.

— More photos from the photo shoot —

Not only did I get a wonderful tour of Inglewood while doing the photo shoot but I also got to chat a bit with him over coffee. It’s great to see
someone so committed to the cultural growth of their city and their community.

#yycphotowalk – Fort Calgary


A group of photographers from Calgary met up yesterday at Fort Calgary for a photo-walk. A few of us ended up walking around Inglewood and subsequently, and almost naturally, went into a pub.

At Fort Calgary, Oscar Lopez playing some pool.


They were setting up some weird stuff for a children’s event.


We kind of got bored and went outside. Had some fun with my wide-angle lens.







Calgary’s oldest house constructed in 1870 and still standing.


Record Land. One of the best, narrowest and most stocked vinyl record stores I’ve ever seen.


This business sells huge-ass Jesus Christ’s statues for all your religious decorative needs.


More vinyls: $1.95 for best-of-Elvis. Great deal!


This guy was parallel-walking across the street snapping photos of us every now and then.

He later introduced himself as Gregory Rogalsky. His many cameras hanging from his neck made me jealous.


David Austin just chillin there… because I told him to.


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January 10th, 2010 at 5:44 pm