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The Forest Series

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Model: Kim Ma
Art Direction: Faby Martin
Coat: Manokin Designs
Jewelry: Victoria Sanchez
Styling: Kim Ma & Faby Martin
Assistant: Ian Harding

born in the forest

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Behind the Scenes: Ian Harding in action

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Ian Harding, one of my best friends and fellow photographer, recently shot a few models from Sophia Models in a Spring-Casual theme.
Clothing was provided by Espy Experience and styling by Maria Orduz who is ALSO a wonderful modeling coach. Make-up was done by the
amazing Sandra Cross. And, co-assisting and video documenting, the awesome David Austin! I love, love, love working with my friends.

>>> Check out Ian’s post on his website to see the final results!


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Press photos for rapper Deezuz. Check out some Behind the Scenes photos courtesy of Ian Harding!

Male Modeling

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luis carlos

ian harding

Written by Faby

April 8th, 2011 at 8:13 am