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Make Fashion Gala

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“The MakeFashion initiative is a collaboration of great minds who want to demonstrate that the convergence of Technology and Art can result in a form, fashion and community brand new to Calgary. Creativity and innovation are the guiding principles to unit fashion, jewelry and accessories designers with software and hardware engineers. Along with technology enthusiasts, creatives and those that just simply like to engage in cultural experiments.

The Make Fashion Gala is the highlight of the festival, featuring innovative work by local designers.” – Make Fashion

Shannon Hover from Endeavor Arts & Protospace

Ferro Fuse: Melissa Skowron and Casey Hughes

Designer: Maria Orduz

Designer: Night Envy

Designer: Laura Dempsey

Designer: Kathryn Blair

Designer: Angela Dale

Designer: Dori’s Diamonds

Designer: Kyle Nylund, Performance by: Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz

Designer: Night Envy

Drum Dance Discover

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Photography commission for Heritage Park’s Drum, Dance, Discover annual event featuring Les Bucherons, a French-Canadian band that shares
Canadian history and traditional French-Canadian culture using songs, stories and dances.

Calgary Maker Faire 2012



The Calgary Maker Faire took place at East Village’s River Walk on Sept 8, 2012. It showcased the work, craft and artistry of local crafters,
makers, hackers, tinkerers, artists, authors, roboticists, hobbyists, science clubs and DIY enthusiasts. The faire’s mission was to entertain,
inform, connect, and inspire thousands of current and future makers in Calgary.

Signs provided and made by Dana from Protospace with a laser cutter


Kill-bot from Swallow a Bicycle

Poetry making with @Shannoetry

A bike with skis!

3D printing of Fiber Arts

Brickware Lego Art


The Calgary Steampunk Assemblage

Heritage Weavers

Scoperta Demo

Solarbotics and the WCRS workshops

Burning Man

Telus Spark Science Centre


Robot demo area

Mark Hopkins from Swallow A Bicycle

Ben Reed, Event Manager

Jasmine Antonick from Beakerhead introducing Jay Ingram

Jay Ingram delivering a keynote on Beakerhead

3D Printer Village

Humble Wonder Theater

Jeff de Boer (left) and Steampunk Assemblage (right)

Michel Jackson’s portraits

Shawn Grover from Protospace

The Bass Bus

Kevin Loney

i-Robot’s performers

Drawing Machine by David Bynoe

Ferrofluid reacting to light

Beakerhead’s Art Car Parade

Heritage Weavers show how to process and treat natural fibers for yarn

Dorkbot demo on drawing with vinyls

Posh View’s virtual mirror that shows basic apps for a household