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Summer Wanderlust, part 1

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Kananaskis Trip

The summer had an early start with many places on a list to visit, things to do, roads to drive and people to meet.

The first intense experience was camping in the wild back country and is always the hardest (for me, anyway) dealing
with all of nature’s inhabitants big and small is always a challenge I have yet to succeed at. Bugs and critters alike
look terrifying no matter how much I tell myself that I’m bigger and more deadly than them. I sprayed myself countless
times with repellent to the point that my skin was getting itchy and red from the high dose of deet. Every little task
seemed like a huge ordeal I had to go through, there were no five minutes I wasn’t swatting or squishing bugs on my arms
and legs. The buzzing from horse flies and wasps was getting on my nerves and at some point I sobbed silently in our tent
hoping that every fly out there would just go away and I could enjoy a few minutes with everything else in nature I actually
liked. I kept telling myself that if it was easy, everyone could do it but in the end I succumbed again and again to the
constant buzzing and biting. We left a day earlier hoping to catch some breath and getting a quiet time at home. So once
again, it seemed that nature had won. Nature 1 – Faby 0


Kirk making some kindling to start a fire for food and to keep bugs away

Our upgraded tent for two. No more stepping on each other’s faces while contorting and trying to get out.

In the most Canadian fashion, socks and sandals

Cooking dinner on the fire. Steak wrapped in bacon

The next morning, first fire to smoke out the flies and mosquitoes.
Our clothes still smell like camp fire even after a couple of washes

Things I’ll never eat together: Celery sticks with peanut butter, one of Kirk’s favourite snacks

Shuswap Trip

The next road trip adventure was longer and more civilized. We travelled through many roads to a cottage by a lake. The towns were hot, the people were happy, there was local fresh fruit in every corner and tall forest trees of all types wrapped around us wherever we went. From our window I could see the sun glimmering on the blue lake in the mornings. The smell of fresh coffee and toasted bread would usually wake us up and we talked about the places we would go for the day.

We travelled to towns close by looking for different places we had never seen. We ate at small local dinners and tea shops, we would peruse through antique shops and farms. Our time was spent eating delicious local food or by a lake smelling the fresh water and getting our skin tanned in the sun or with family enjoying a quiet meal and warm pies.

On some days we would walk to places we saw from the road exploring new paths and views. The vastness of forests and distances made me feel like the tiniest living thing. Every day we would travel 15km just to get onto a highway. The windy road to and from the cottage was in itself a trip filled with beautiful houses and boats by the lake. Hidden roads would suddenly appear at a sharp curve that lead further up or further down into dark forests. My adventurous self wanted to explore all those roads but I knew our little car couldn’t handle so much peril.

The newest member of the Werklund family: baby Miranda

Walking around the docks in Sicamous, BC.
Bridge in the background moves to let boats through or trains

Inverted trees as decoration

I saw huge cobwebs everywhere.
Kirk says they’re caterpillar nests, I say they are the nests of giant, hairy, spiders

Main street in Sicamous. Not very many people. Everyone seemed to be on a boat.

Baby holstein near Sicamous at a dutch farm. They had delicious home-made ice cream

A storm approaches as we have dinner and watch over the balcony. Surreal feeling as the sun shines through.
It seemed like a veil had just suddenly covered half of the lake that’s normally visible from our side.

family & friends dinners

Miranda bounced from arms to arms to whoever wanted to carry her.
I resisted a fair bit as I’m scared of dropping babies. She seemed so very fragile.

reading in the sun

entertainment for the baby

We liked seating by the window because that’s where the WiFi spot was better

Lake critters

Enjoying a couple of hours by the warm-ish lake

The sun hit hard on my skin. I’m now the colour of oak

little Evan

Lake scuba!

Miranda’s favourite past time: Feeding.

…and watching her older cousins make faces at her

the beginning of a path around a lavender farm in Kelowna, BC

Kirk enjoying some shade on a chair conveniently located under a tree

Farm art

A rare picture of me.
I have a nervous smile here. I was in the middle of flowers that were infested with bees

Walking through patches of the most beautiful flowers

Hedge maze

a lavender crown adorning the farm’s kitchen window

Lavender-lemon loaf topped with lavender wipped cream and freshly picked blue-berries

Lavender buttermilk scone with lavender jelly and lavender butter.
These guys weren’t kidding when they say everything has lavender

Rolling hills at night in Winfield, BC

A barn store in the outskirts of Salmon Arm

We made a friend and made me miss the one back home

a beautiful flower hotel in Enderby.
This is going to be the next place I stay in when I’m in the area

Bird house spies on you

a loverrrly tea house with different cups on each saucer that the owner has been collecting over the years

Miss Molly

Miranda enjoying a bit of sun on the beach

Not much to do on a beach but laying around a whole bunch

Mike and Miranda

George and Molly

Krysten and Kirk

Awesome light filtering through in a dark forest

The creek falling onto itself is quite the sight

mossy green is my new favourite colour

never miss an opportunity to read some ebook on your phone

The moon, shuswap lake and a golden reflection of salmon arm

finding our way back.
as it got darker it was more appealing trying to catch what my eyes saw and not what the camera wanted to expose

the weeping willow. A giant tree we passed every single day.
On the last day we finally made time to stop to take in its greatness.
it was the perfect tree

pretty warm night for August

a clear night with the moon reflecting on the lake

a reflection of the cabin and my shadow obscuring the window for the moon light to pass through

Wheeler Hut

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Overdue post about my trip to Roger’s Pass in BC. It’s been a couple months and the fun stories and ordeals have been cut short. It made me realize how important it is to blog something shortly after it has happened; if you wait too long, all the reflections and learnings are summarized into a few ‘fun facts’ and become foot notes as opposed to a story. I’ll try to remedy that in future posts.

Trip started with roads made of snow. This is pretty much all we saw for 4 hours.

Got stuck between two Avalanche control points. Fortunately, we got to a warm and cozy lodge where we could wait. Unfortunately, the wait was longer than time itself; but waiting is not so bad if you are with awesome people, drinking beer and eating wings, so overall, getting stuck was not so bad.

Got to take a few shots of the place. There wasn’t much to see around other than huge, mean mountains made of snow

Almost at the hut. The amount of snow was unreal. The guys shoveling our way through the parking lot, the girl taking photos. I always get away with doing the easy stuff.

Kirk looking intense. I love getting people’s portraits the moment they look around when you call them

I was holding up the line by taking photos of the guys behind me every few steps

Some of them got ahead. Very ahead.

Kirk rehearsing mountaineer poses of triumph

Me, trying too hard

The view on the way to the cabin was amazing

The Wheeler Hut! A little hidden gem in the middle of nowhere Illecillewaet

The back of the cabin. Where everyone dropped their snowshoes and bags. Also the space between us and the washroom. See below:

The washroom was outside – which meant that anytime you had to go, you had to walk out in the cold with a flashlight and face many ordeals, like slipping and falling in a frozen pool of pee. To spare you from the horror stories about this washroom, I’ll just say that portable toilets are luxurious and spotless compared to this one.

In the cabin: Kirk wrapping himself up in his new sleeping bag

He really liked it

stalker photos

The light was so pretty that I couldn’t help but giving him directions about where to sit, where to look and how to pose.

we all gathered in the dinning room to play games and get to know everyone else

Curt, the organizer, did an awesome job at bringing everyone together

Everything in this cabin was powered by a propane system. There was no electricity: the lights were powered by gas.

Two sisters and very awesome and funny girls. Wish I could remember their names!

home-made brownies courtesy of Andrew Mould!

Doug showing some brie and bread. Everyone brought plenty of awesome snacks

the back room in the hut, one of my favourite spots. Mostly because of the wooden stove that kept everything warm and dry.

more eating

I’m almost never in the photos, so there.

An inside joke about a food baby or real baby

This photo reminds me of a scene from TV. People were taking drinks to the roof where they had built a slope made of snow to slide on. Wish I had pictures to share but: Drinks + slippery snow + no light = no place for me and my camera. It looked fun from below, though.

Here you can kinda see the slope and people playing on the left side of the roof where some one left a trace of red light from their headlights

since I couldn’t go up there, I turned around and took some long exposure shots of the sky. My adventure was cut short when people coming down from the slide came around my view and shined their headlights on the camera.

feeding more wood on the stoves

It was so warm and cozy, it was hard not feeling sleepy

cribbage: a game I gave up trying to understand in the first two minutes of playing. Instead I went on a portrait tour around the house:

Doug and Steve




Doug and Steve again

Jon again


Jenga time!

Curt and Jon

The next morning. Half of them asleep, gone hiking or hang over

Kirk standing on a bridge made of snow. Me, safely on solid ground. I went on a little hike just to feel that I didn’t miss out. That much snow scares me. Specially if you are in avalanche country.

so much snow. so much fsking snow

gargantuan trees make people look tiny

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