I’m a professional photographer based out of Calgary, Canada that specializes in documentary, fashion and creative portrait photography.

I started taking photos when I was 16 and it quickly became a passion and a necessity to document everything I saw and experienced. 10 years later, I still take my camera everywhere. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. I often see life as a movie reel unraveling before my eyes. I don’t like when people pose for photos and I don’t like modifying light (although sometimes I have to for certain shoots). I want to create documentaries on the fragility of human nature. I want to live off doing what I love.

Some previous works:

In 2009, I worked with CalgaryFashion.ca as Director of Photography. I also collaborated as photographer for Alberta Fashion Week in 2009 & 2010, PARKSHOW and other local fashion events in Calgary.

I photographed local designers & their collections like Adejoke Taiwo, Fernanda Ferrari, Dori’s Diamonds, Kara Chomistek, Madame Wolf, Peeko Apparel and Firoz, among many others.

I’ve worked with musicians: The Subliminal Rabbit, Deezus, Andrea Petriti; and have photographed local performers like The House of Dangerkat.

I’ve covered local events for David Walker, Simply Elegant, Aveda, The Dristrict, The Amsterdam Rhino and have documented happenings for Protospace, Calgary’s Hackerspace.

In 2011, I was commissioned by Spacing Magazine to photograph Nenshi, the Mayor of Calgary for their first National Issue distributed throughout Canada.

In 2012, Spacing Magazine commissioned me again for their second National Issue that showcased one of Calgary’s Alderman, Gian-Carlo Carra.

I have worked closely with Aveda Calgary in photographing their students’ final projects.

My photos have been in Avenue Magazine, The National Post, The Examiner & The YYC Photobook.