Night Lights

Doing street photography in a snowing, -20C weather is a bit of a challenge. As my hands go numb, my legs itch from the cold and my viewfinder fogs, I call it a day with only a few shots . Winter wins again.

A person walking in the middle of the alley would’ve been a nice touch.

Steam coming out from the ground floor of The Bow

Shadow pattern.

“Sometimes you just have to turn around” – Severin Koller

Cars where leaving steam trails on the street. Cool effect with light and snow.

More shadow patterns and steam from cars on the right

Chinese Here

20th of a second.

hand-held 10th of a second of a colourful advertisement, though, not sure about what.

Guy runs past me. Probably got too cold to walk.

Lucky shot. Car with really blue headlights drove by as I was taking this photo.

Neon lights, last bus, last passenger.

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  1. Faby,

    Your composition and tones never cease to astound me.
    You are brilliant.



    12 Mar 11 at 2:04 pm

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