streets of calgary

A series of photos depicting a mental and physical state of loneliness of people who isolate themselves from a crowd.

We, alone.


A man walks through the underpass of 1st Street SE and 9th Ave during the CFL Grey Cup parade.
Nov 28, 2009.


A man mindlessly watches the world go by during the Grey Cup festivities at Stephen Avenue.
Nov 28, 2009


A day before the Grey Cup festivities, a woman walks on a red Stephen Avenue in the cold winter night.
No people, just lights in anticipation.


Thus I stand:  unable to speak, silenced by repressed looks, threatened by memories,
censured by principles, blamed for faultiness; found guilty of all charges.

Nature is king, humans are just background

~ Oswaldo

In Dreams

I thought I knew where I was going, now I realize I’m just as lost as you are.

A very foggy night in Calgary.
Lights representing different choices, paths and decisions to be made.

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